Contact Name: Dr. Heather Knoepfli
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Since: 1980-03-07
Postal Code: L7N 1M8
Address: 3180 New Street


Brant Children's Centre is a large child care centre in Burlington, Ontario.  We offer innovative programming with a focus on preparing young children for primary school.  Helping children learn to read and develop basic math concepts is central to our programming.  Our goals also include helping children develop confidence, appropriate conflict resolution skills and a joie d'vivre and interest in learning.  Our staff work in small teams with an objective to make Brant the very best it can be.  We all have a great empathy for young children and try hard to interact with them positively and with compassion each and every day.  We love what we do, and are interested in hiring other individuals who share our goals and are interested in "making a difference" to children growing up in Burlington.